The Oak Lake Club received a Texas Corpration Charter on April 28, 1898.  It is one of the oldest known hunting and fishing clubs in Central Texas. 

The Oak Lake Club was established on twenty seven acres on the Tiger Branch which flows into Tehuacana Creek, which flows into the Brazos River in Central Texas, just west of Waco.

In the mid 1800s the area was known as a Native American council ground. Sam Houston met with thousands of Native Americans from across the nation, including the Waco and Towakoni, in an attempt to establish peace for American annexation.

The Original Members

The original 25 members of the Oak Lake Club included several illustrious early citizens of Waco.


C.M. Hubby

Waco’s first “merchant.” Hubby Avenue in Waco is named after C.M. Hubby.

P.A. Gorman

Waco city commissioner, banker and railroad builder. Gorman Avenue in Waco is named after P.A. Gorman.

J.W. Madden

Secretary of state during the time of The Oak Lake Club incorporation.


W.C. Brann

The “iconoclast” of downtown Waco. Was shot in the back on South 4th Street by Tom Davis, and died.


J.B. Earle

Established the first telephone exchange in Waco.


Tom Padgitt

Known for saddle and harness fame and later the photography and electronics business.

H.A. Dutton

Well know Waco family. Dutton Avenue in Waco named after H.A. Dutton.

In January of 1900, The Oak Lake Club added and additional thirty acres. In 1973, 26 acres were added, for a total of 87 acres.

Oak Lake Club

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